About the challenge

We are announcing a Business + Coding Hackathon where students of any age can participate. 


To make projecs that impact lives and adds Value towards society using Technology


  1. Healthcare: Health care in Data Science combines health informatics, data science, analytics and computeational modeling to handl large complex data. Do a study of healthcare problems in real world and use Data and to project it on a webiste or any form of app and show how it can be helpful to solve global problems

  2. Automation: Automate any daily desktop, mobile or web app that saves time. You need to study a data of real life problem that people spend hours or minutes on which can be reduced now

  3. Finance: In finance industry we see lot of Stock predictions. I want you all to study the financial data and to create  something that explains kids at an early age to understand stock market. It could be a video game, or anything you beleive can make task easier



Video Submission: Around 5 min long max

GitHub link (public) if you coded)

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13,994 in prizes

Best Healthcare Hack

Best Automation Hack (3)

Best Finance Hack (2)

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Harnoor Singh

Harnoor Singh

Judging Criteria

  • Completeness of Project and Code
  • Innovation
  • Relatability
    Graded on how relatable to the challenge project is

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